The incredibly talented swedish singer Anniela had people raise their eye brows over her debutalbum which showcased a mature voice wrapped up in a brand new wrapper. Just hitting her 20´s, she seemed fabulously experienced. She immediatly recieved praise in both press and radio and toured frequently in her native Sweden. International interest over her smart mix of pop, r&b, electro and dance is now boosted by the release of a new song, My Confession, produced by Hitmanic and written by the american writers Jon Bivona and Mark Mangold who´s CV includes work for Michael Bolton, Cher and Jennifer Rush. On the upcoming new album, Anniela will introduce songs by several international talents like the acclaimed producer Hitmanic with mixing done by Jonas Westling in London who count Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Usher, Paul McCartney and Kelly Rowland as clients.

Hailing from the fertile flatlands of the south of Sweden, Anniela grew up in a small town with only one ambition: to perform. Together with her dad, an able guitar player, she took her first steps towards greater heights. Already at 13 she impressed on a nation wide, televised talent search and won a chance to record a single in another. She won a big talent search which took her out on tour and starred in several local musicals. But Anniela wanted more than that. She decided to go to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden to audition for a label – and went home with a contract. Soon enough she decided to move to Stockholm permanently, a bold move by a teenager with no ties to the new world.

- I’m proud that I’ve managed so well, she muses. I don’t think too many girls or boys, my age could leave everything behind; family, friends and everything that happens at this age. But I am a person who needs to make it work for myself and to stand on my own.

Anniela is used to sacrifices. She made an active choice to prioritize music a long time ago.

- I’m still willing to give up things to make it. I missed my prom, never took part in the whole graduation like my friends and I can’t just take a oneway ticket somewhere. But I have other goals in life.

Her goal is to make it, not only domestically, but world wide – and several countries has already been stunned by both her appearance, talent at great songs. The important UK-based pop site Don’tStopThePop recently wrote:

“Fans of pop who can do without the overproduction of Britney-Christina-LadyGaGa’s recent efforts will love this uncomplex yet highly structured pop album. Anniela celebrates traditional pop. This is pop as it was once: neat, structured, sexy, rude, indecent and pure. As such, it is beyond zeitgeist and thus Extravaganza is a great album. An extravaganza indeed!”

- It’s what I’ve always wanted, Anniela says. To be on stage and perform. I would never manage a 9-5 job. Being an artist is who I am.

Her strong, clear voice has a strong ID. Her liveshows will send shockwaves through the crowd.

- On stage, for me, It’s about telling something, to create a strong expression. I have always been very interested in theatre and I use that on stage.

Her international launch is exciting, but Anniela is aware that life in the spot light isn’t a stroll in the park.

- Well, I’ve never really been in that situtaion, so I can’t say for sure. But I’ve been in the business for quite some time and I know how it works. I’m also very guarded and won’t let anyone take advantage of me.

So far, music has taken her to a boot camp in America.

It’s arranged in Los Angeles every summer and you get to sing and dance, learn to write songs and visit voice coaches. There was an open mike night every night at a club, so I got some great live experience too. They shot the series O.C at the same school.

Anniela is up for release in various countries like Taiwan, China, Turkey, Greece, India and Korea, as well as Canada, Russia and Ukraine.

In 2011 she will be one of the participants in the hugely popular swedish Eurovision Song Contest, performing the song Elektrisk in swedish for a change. In Sweden, this is considered the number one stage for artists to get exposure as she will be exposed to millions of viewers. She is also the subject of a Playstation 3 game developed in Taiwan where the player can adopt her personality, become Anniela, and perform her songs. This game is compared to Singstar and Guitar Hero and will be heavily markeded around the world.